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Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus Update v1.1.3-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of a PC game “Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus”. Enjoy! :)

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Proxy Studios
Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.

Release Name: Warhammer.40000.Mechanicus.Update.v1.1.3-CODEX
Size: 69 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition Update v3.6.36.3440-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of a PC game “Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition”. Enjoy! :)

Read patchnotes.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios

Release Name: Divinity.Original.Sin.2.Definitive.Edition.Update.v3.6.36.3440-CODEX
Size: 33 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown-CPY

CPY has released a PC game “Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Purchase ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN and get the playable F-104C: Avril DLC as a bonus.

Become an ace pilot and soar through photorealistic skies with full 360 degree movement; down enemy aircraft and experience the thrill of engaging in realistic sorties! Aerial combat has never looked or felt better!
Project Aces aims to revolutionize the sky with this entry in the series, offering an experience so immersive it feels like you’re piloting an actual aircraft! Weather and the environment affect your aircraft and the HUD, adding a sense of extreme realism never felt before in a flight combat game. Epic dogfights await!

Genre: Action, Simulation
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Release Name: Ace.Combat.7.Skies.Unknown-CPY
Size: 35.7 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi

Download: UPLOADPROPER / Part1Part2Part3Part4Part5Part6Part7Part8 /

Re Legion Update v1.0.0.202-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of a PC game “Re Legion”. Enjoy! :)

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Indie, Strategy
Developer: Ice Code Games
Publisher: 1C Entertainment

Release Name: Re.Legion.Update.v1.0.0.202-CODEX
Size: 453 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Parkitect Update v1.3-PLAZA

PLAZA has released the newest build of a PC game “Parkitect”. Enjoy! :)

Read changelog.txt  for information on updated content!

Genre: Indie, Simulation
Developer: Texel Raptor
Publisher: Texel Raptor

Release Name: Parkitect.Update.v1.3-PLAZA
Size: 65 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command Live The King of the Border-SKIDROW

SKIDROW has released a PC game “Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command Live The King of the Border”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Scream over the runways of super-hardened Iraqi airbases as your squadron sprinkles bomblets on the pavement or blows up aircraft shelters using laser-guided bombs. Turn back the Russian tide in the Ukraine. Ride the Mediterranean waves in fast Israeli attack craft, trading barrages of anti-ship missiles with Syrian ships. Stand toe-to-toe against Iran in the Persian Gulf. Wrestle the Falklands under your control. Go “Down Town” around Hanoi and spar with the deadly NV air defences. Hunt down rogue nukes in Pakistan before they fall into terrorist hands. Face off with your carrier group against India or China – from either side. Square off against the Soviet Union in the cold war confrontation, and against resurgent Russia in the new multipolar world order. Lead nuclear-powered sharks of steel against the masters of antisubmarine ops. Exchange volleys of fire in close-quarters gun duels, or obliterate the enemy with sophisticated, heavy-hitting hypersonic missiles from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Survive massive, vicious air battles. Escort vital convoys to their destination, or make a last stand against all odds. When things escalate out of control, step up to unconventional or even nuclear weapons. Play the most dangerous game of hide and seek – at sea, on land and in the air – even in near-space. Command is the next generation of air/naval wargaming.


  • Powerful, detailed 3D-globe (Google Earth-style) with multiple map layers
  • Intuitive, point-and-click user interface for beginners backed up by a vast array of hotkeys for power users
  • Aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land units, strategic & space forces and all their real-life sensors, weapons and other systems are at your disposal
  • Extensive, detailed simulation databases modeling faithfully the capabilities & limitations of each unit
  • More then 40 included scenarios covering multiple historic and hypothetical conflicts.
  • Integrated scenario editor – make and share your own battles or modify existing scenarios
  • Integrated database viewer – browse through the stats for every platform, sensor and weapon in the game
  • Tremendous flexibility of scale: From counter-piracy skirmishes to strategic nuclear war
  • Detailed modeling of air (including near-space) and naval operations, both surface and underwater, supported by high-quality physics, sensor/EW, terrain and weather, weapon and damage models
  • Focused modeling of land-based forces relevant to air/naval/space operations
  • Mine and mine-countermeasure operations
  • Nuclear operations and other special-weapon categories
  • Recorder & replay ability

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: WarfareSims
Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.

Release Name: Command.Modern.Air.Naval.Operations.Command.Live.The.King.of.the.Border-SKIDROW
Size: 3.59 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Farlight Explorers-SKIDROW

SKIDROW has released a PC game “Farlight Explorers”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Farlight Explores is a 3D space-sandbox game, made for space exploration, science fiction and resource management fans. In this game you can build your base or spaceship, explore the galaxy, extract unique ores in each planet or asteroids, craft new products, transport goods from one planet to another and more…

Farlight Explorers is focused and supported on various pillars:

  • Auxiliary systems: Design and maintenance of all the elements that your base or spaceship need to be operative (water, food, oxygen, energy).
  • Automatization: Manage and automate the extraction of ores and production of elements that are essential to grow your base.
  • Transport of goods: Build spaceships in order to transport the goods is vital in order to produce all the possible elements of the game because each planet will have unique characteristics.
  • Managing a colony: Once you build the Singularity Gate, you will be able to manage a little colony with differents buildings, where your colonists will have a variety of needs to fulfill.
  • When you start the game you choose a planet to start from the hundreds out there in the galaxy map. Once on the planet you have to extract resources to begin building a base that provides you with the items to survive like food and oxygen. If the base is secure, you can start building your spaceship to go to other planets to extract unique resources that you need to develop new technologies, or you can also use your spaceship to explore.

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Farlight Games Industry
Publisher: Farlight Games Industry

Release Name: Farlight.Explorers-SKIDROW
Size: 3.86 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


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